Jon Skulski Blog Post

I bought a poem from the Poem Store at Pastels on the Plaza. The subject was "moving on". Best poem I ever bought, it is wonderful:

In the idea of onward motion
the key is to recall the constants:
the moon keeps changing, it returns
and rebirths, the season go in
wild waves, birds leave for warmth.
This is a call to the natural
left and leaving and thus, a good
blessing for our saying yes to the end 

of one place and the awakening of the next.

Jacqueline Suskin
October 3rd, 2009

Thank you, Jacqueline. type and errors kept in to try to translate the charm of this thing

Leaving Humboldt will be difficult and it has made that known to me; beautiful sunny days; warmer friends, a swirling community. I am tied in it's tangles. It was my first adventure. It is a precious place I am leaving.

The poem struck me right where I'm most tender at the moment. It gave me strength and took it all back again. It's reminding me to hold the line, to grit my teeth, tear some muscle and bare it. It will be worth it, it will be wonderful, but it won't be easy.

The first waves up the spine...