Print Purist on GA&LI

"Off and on for the last five years, poet Jacqueline Suskin has been setting up her vintage typewriter at farmer’s markets, weddings, and special events, belting out “poems on demand,” as part of her self-described performance art piece, “The Poem Store." So, here’s how it goes: A person walks up to Suskin, rattles off a random topic of interest, inspiration strikes, and she hammers out a poem on the spot, for a donation—whatever you can pay. Got that? She calls this a business as much as it is a "performance," but thanks her friend Zachary Houston for the idea and the initial inspiration. To extend her love of all things tactile, Suskin has released her second book Go Ahead & Like It, in conjunction with an exhibition, through Dilettante Paper, an imprint of Dilettante Arts, an LA-based artist management and events company, who also have a mixed-up gallery/event space in the Arts District. Go Ahead & Like It is a whimsical documentation (with accompanying pictures by Suskin’s best friend, photographer Shelby Duncan) about the simple pleasures of list-making, hand-crafted in a beautifully-produced art book. Suskin’s list-making consists of things she likes vs. things she needs to do. But making lists, in general, is something I abide by daily, and find incredibly soothing for the mind and body; even if they’re checklists for work, grocery lists for the store, or a rough outline of a story I’m working on. Suskin realizes that there are others like her out there who purposefully eschew all things digital in favor of something crumpled up or folded in your back pocket. And in Go Ahead & Like It, she has managed to encapsulate, in a cut-and-paste, flip-book format, the uplifting reminder to enjoy each day for what it is, through the practiced art of list-making. Next thing to do on your list: Purchase this first printing “keepsake edition” (limited to 500 copies) before they’re gone."  -Print Purist

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