Poetry for Special Events


Jacqueline and her typewriter are the perfect addition to any celebration. With her simple and charming set up, she creates personalized poems on-request for guests so they have something significant to take home with them. Clients can create customized or monogrammed paper, or stick with Jacqueline’s traditional newsprint slips. Spontaneous poetry offers a unique, interactive and intimate experience that enhances the special atmosphere before a ceremony, during cocktail hour, and throughout a reception or gathering.

Poetry is ideal for intimate or large parties. Adding to the ambiance, the typewriter itself ushers guests into a moment of authentic connection that supplies something special. Everyone ends up passing their poems around, reading them aloud to each other, using them to give a toast and as gifts for the host. The poems offer a distinctive memory for each guest that takes traditional party favors to a new level.

No matter the size or type of occasion, Jacqueline offers entertainment that enhances the commemorative quality of the experience.

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