The Long Conversation at The Smithsonian

So thrilled to be included with 30 other speakers at The Smithsonian for The Long Conversation. This special event highlights thinkers discussing what makes us hopeful for the future. Scientists, artists, space explorers, drag queens and inventors convene for an eight-hour relay of mini-conversations about what’s on the horizon.

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What is a zine? It's a handmade little book, copied, cut, pasted, and xeroxed, usually sewn or stapled together.

SALE: IF YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW ME - SALE - until Friday the 3rd you can sign up for six months of zines in the mail HALF PRICE! Nine zines included! $150 if you sign up by August 3rd!

Sign up to get a new zine in the mail every month! Starting August 2018-January 2019 I will be writing and mailing a monthly zine on a different topic. The first series is titled "If You Really Want to Know Me." The content will include true stories, interviews, poems, illustrations and more. I will also reissue my old zines at some point as well! I used to make zines when I was younger and I just love them for their honesty, roughness, and simplicity. The subscription cost is $300* (half price sale through August 3rd) to cover six months of creation costs and life costs. You can pay by check, Venmo or Paypal. I promise each issue will be unique and thoughtful. Sign up below and keep your eye on the mailbox in late August for the first issue!



I know that zines are usually very cheap! The value in this initial seemingly high $300 subscription cost is that you are helping me kickstart this project. In the future I will be selling these zines for a much cheaper ticket price in local shops and bookstores. I will also do a few giveaways and there will be a window of opportunity to pay for the subscription sliding-scale! So if this first push is too much for you, know that I will always do my best to make my work as accessible as possible.