Manuscript Consultation

Jacqueline has helped many clients edit poetry collections, revise single poems for publication, and hone manuscript concepts in various genres. An author of three books, her guidance helps writers organize a book project idea from start to finish. Jacqueline’s consultation aids in creating an outline, finding clarity for a proposal, editing overall structure and compiling material. Inquire if you’d like to talk about your writing or get advice on publishing, if you are trying to put your thoughts on the page and need assistance in the first steps, or if you are sitting on a nearly finished manuscript and just need fresh eyes to offer a final look. Jacqueline simply loves the process of book making and enjoys the work of helping others bring their creations into completion. Pricing is case by case with an initial first time consulting fee.

“Every poet needs a good reader, and Jacqueline Suskin is one of the best.  She gave me clear-eyed, objective and helpful suggestions on my poetry chapbook – not empty praise, but specific and practical advice for improvements and honest reactions on what works and what doesn’t. I gained greater confidence that my work was submission-ready after working with Jacqueline. I highly recommend her services.”

- Catherine Marenghi, author of Glad Farm


book making

Do you have a book project in the works but you can’t quite get started? Notes scattered, piles of papers, solid concepts, but a ramble of possibilities for structure and delivery? After making her books and helping many others bring their books to light, Jacqueline realizes that one one one sessions offer a real chance for clients to actualize their book plans. Together you’ll build a shape where one was lacking, and you’ll create a clear working schedule so that after the first meeting is over, you have an understanding of the tasks ahead of you. One of the hardest parts about moving toward actual outcomes with writing is understanding the steps it takes to get there. Jacqueline can help set those up for you and get your project in a place of onward motion. Meet with her once, or schedule a few sessions to really solidify your writing progress.


Maybe you are further along in your work, or you have a piece of writing that you’d like to submit for publication? Perhaps you are just working on something that no one else has read but you? Jacqueline offers an array of editing services from the world of poetry to prose, from fiction to conceptual non-fiction. While studying for her BA in poetry, she learned workshop and editing skills that continue to help her with her own work. This process is important to any writing practice and Jacqueline enjoys helping a client sharpen her voice and write with more accessibility through the magic of editing. Book a one on one session or a group workshop experience for your specific editing needs.


“Jacqueline Suskin is my poetry mentor, guide, and editor. She strikes the right balance between giving me honest criticism and moral support. I love her positivity — in her poems, in the way she lives her life, in her approach to teaching. I can’t say enough about her editing and support and constant inspiration! I wanted an editor with an academic background in writing, and Jacqueline has that, but she has something extra. I love working her. She’s fabulous."

-Carolyn Studer, blogger and poet

“Jacqueline knows the depths of books. She helps uncover a structure that allows for the expansion of ideas and aims to serve them up in the highest way. She will support YOU as you create what you need to put out in the world."

-Jules Blaine Davis, The Kitchen Healer

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