Speaking Engagements

Jacqueline has lectured at offsite events for iamOther and MTV. She has also given talks as the visiting artist at universities such as Laguna College of Art + Design, Ball State University, and Cal Lutheran, as well as giving a Tedx talk about her work. Her writing workshops have been featured at Women’s Center for Creative Work, Wanderlust, Sonomama, and The Creative Sanctuary. Jacqueline is a Turnaround Artist and works with public schools in Milwaukee, bringing poetry into the classroom. She speaks of her unique career path as a poet, the nature of spontaneous creativity, and ways to exercise poetic mentality in everyday life.


Jacqueline helps corporations energize employees by revitalizing their creativity so that they can develop innovative and inspiring work in a more efficient and interesting way.


The corporate environment can be taxing when it comes to creative output, and Jacqueline’s work as a fast-paced performance poet offers a reminder that creativity is a magic we all have access to, it can be nurtured, and we can do our jobs in the most unique and liberating ways if we just remember that it’s possible. This talk can serve as a morale booster and can revitalize burned-out creatives in the office space. Jacqueline speaks about creative process, tools for practice, and creates poems on stage pertaining to whatever themes of reinvention or focus come up.

Corporate creatives need to recall that work can look a million different ways, that we all get weighed down and have to find new sources of inspiration, and that a poetic mindset is something anyone can hone. Jacqueline addresses questions about specific projects that need content and copy, and combines workshop experiences with her talks to further develop any particular company assignments that need poetic attention. This is a great opportunity for team brainstorming and creative coaching, as well as the perfect addition to a creative offsite event.



Jacqueline helps students clarify their unique talents and motivations so that they can build a satisfying future by choosing an inspiring career path that supports their individuality.


University students are weighed down by the confusion of which direction to take their lives, causing them to search for clarity and direction. The story of Jacqueline’s career path offers a wide perspective of potential tools that display an outcome that occurs when one learns to balance her talents and interests in order to craft a truly unique way of making a living. The performative quality of what Jacqueline does, catches students’ attention. Through the lens of poetry and curiosity, she helps them begin to find their authentic purpose.

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In a high school classroom or auditorium, students listen in amazement as Jacqueline describes her work as a poet. Most students haven’t been exposed to such a rare career choice. Their minds immediately start whirling as they share comparative thoughts about their own futures. They often think: if this weird, self-assured, tattooed woman can create a career for herself as a performance poet, we can do anything! This moment of recognition and inspiration holds a reminder for them that they have one precious life and Jacqueline encourages them to freely form their future in whatever way inspires them the most.

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